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Article in The Harvard Crimson About The Undergraduate Awards Programme 2018

We are delighted to have an article about The Undergraduate Awards and the Global Undergraduate Summit 2018 in Harvard's long-running newspaper The Harvard Crimson this week. The Harvard Crimson, the United States' oldest continuously published daily college newspaper, is run entirely by undergraduate students. Over 25 Crimson alumni have won the Pulitzer Prize; many of their portraits line the walls of The Crimson.

Over the years we have had a wealth of innovative and outstanding papers from Harvard University students across all 25 categories.

In 2015, Donguen Seo penned a paper titled "A New Kid on the Block: How Food Trucks Evolved from Roach Coaches to Cultural Phenomena" which was Highly Commended in the Social Sciences category. The paper offers an interesting insight into the evolution of food trucks into a prominent source of street revenue in the United States  and the relationship between customers' social class and the food they choose to consume.

Marissa Suchyta, was Highly Commended in 2015, for her Life Sciences paper " Finding Factors that Initiate Limb Regeneration". The research identifies the initiating factors of axolotl limb regeneration.

The Award Winner in the Politics & International Relations category 2013 was Joshua Zoffer with his paper "The Currency of Coercion: The Effect of Currency Pegs on the Success of Economic Sanctions".

You can read the article on The Crimson here.

To read papers from Harvard University students and other past Global Winners and Highly Commended entrants, check out The Undergraduate Awards Library.