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Category Spotlight: Computer Sciences

The Computer Sciences category has been in The Undergraduate Awards since its inaugural year.

Students of all Computer Sciences disciplines, including Computer Systems, Coding Languages, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence and more are eligible to submit works to the category.

Entries for the category must be within the 12,000-word limit and have received at least a 2.1/A- grade.

In 2016, the category was won by Tomas Higgins from the Dublin Institute of Technology. His paper, titled "Identifying Mood by Analysing Keystroke Dynamics", highly impressed the Judging Panel, who commented:

"This paper paves the way for novel societal contribution in the field of Computer Sciences by analysing how IT systems might be able to recognise human moods. It provides an excellent and accessible discourse on the author's research motivation, hypothesis and evaluation. The judging panel chose this excellent paper, not simply for its own merit, but also because it demonstrates a method through which technology could be put to use to achieve individual and societal benefits."

Dinh Luan Nguyen from Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh, won the award in 2017 for his paper "Deep Convolutional Neural Network In Deformable Part Models For Face Detection",which is a fascinating read.

We are very excited to receiving submissions for this year's Computer Sciences category and reading innovative research from undergraduate students around the world.

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