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Category Spotlight: Education

The Education category has been in The Undergraduate Awards since its first year.

Students of all Education Theory and Practice disciplines, including Early Childhood Education, Adult Education, Philosophy of Education, History of Education and more are eligible to submit to the category.

Entries for this category must be within the 5,000-word limit and have received a 2.1/A grade.

The 2016 Global Winner of the Education category is Angelica Ng from Nanyang Technological University with her paper titled "Comparing Cyberbullying Perpetuation on Social Media Between Primary and Secondary School Students". The judges commended the paper as "extremely well researched and well written", saying:

"The work was impressively organised, the literature review was both extensive and inclusive of recent studies in the field and the method of investigation was appropriate. The paper explored a major problem in schools - cyberbullying on social media - and reminded us of some strategies that, if implemented, could negatively impact the continued perpetuation of cyberbullying".


The 2014 Global Winner was Megan Turner from St. Mary's University College Belfast with her paper ""Mind and Memory, Understanding and Delight". Views of Literature and Memory in Education". This paper discusses the educational reforms introduced to the UK in 2014 by then Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, and how they have polarised educators, particularly in regards to the topic of memorisation. To develop a deeper understanding of the role of memorisation in education in earlier decades, a range of people were surveyed about their own experiences of rote learning in education in the past 40 -50 years. Finally, individual interviews were conducted to gain deeper insight into those experiences to determine the personal experiences of those who were asked to memorise literary passages.

Don't forget, the deadline for submission this year is June 12th, and we look forward to reading new research in the fields of education from undergraduate students around the world.

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