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Category Spotlight: Medical Sciences

We developed our Medical Sciences Category to incorporate other health disciplines, such as dentistry and veterinary science, alongside Medicine and Medical Science. Pre- Med students can also submit to this category. The category was first introduced in 2012.

Entries for this category must be within the 12,000 word limit, and have received a 2.1/A grade.

In 2016 the Global Winner in this category  was Maniragav Manimaran from University College London. His paper, “Developing an Ultrasound Phantom Using 3D Printing for Practicing Minimally Invasive Intracardiac Procedures”, impressed the Judging Panel with its “novelty and flair”. It received particular praise for;

"The ingenuity of the idea, the process that had been applied to realise that idea and then the efforts to validate it".

Other successful papers in this category have confirmed the validity of MRI as a surveillance tool for renal disease (Conor MacDonald, St Andrews; 2015 Global Winner), and investigated oncolytic virotherapy treatments for ovarian cancer (Milani Sivapragasam, Western University; 2014 Global Winner).

We are looking forward to receiving submissions to this year's Medical Sciences category and seeing the cutting-edge research that is being conducted around the world by undergraduate students from classes of 2017, 20018 and 2019.

If you would like to submit to this category, or any other, please click here.