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Category Spotlight: Music, Film and Theatre

Previously, students of Music, Drama, and Film Studies could submit their works to the Media & The Arts category, which later became the Art History, Music, Film & Theatre category. In 2017, it was decided that  Music, Film & Theatre should constitute a category in its own right given its performance-base nature along with the quality and quantity of papers submitted.

The category is introduced to celebrate the work of students studying courses such as Musical Theory, Musicology, History of Music, Music Technology, Theatre, Dramatic Theory, Performance, Theatre History, Stage Management, Script Analysis, Film Studies, Cinema Studies, and more.

Entry for the category must be within the 5,000-word limit and have received a 2.1/A grade.

The 2017 Global Winner of the Music, Film and Theatre category was Conor Brennan from Trinity College Dublin. His paper was entitled “All those who no longer are, are there”: Between what lasts and what is lost in the passing on of ‘The Last Witnesses'”.

His paper impressed the judges “in examining a specific example of performance, it manages both to capture the intimate and the epic dimensions of memory and reflection”.

Conor Brennan was also Highly Commended for two papers in the Literature Category. Have a look at Conor’s Winning paper on The Undergraduate Awards Library.

We look forward to receiving submissions for this year's Music, Film and Theatre category. Thinking about submitting The Undergraduate Awards? We have 25 categories that you can submit to.


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