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Category Spotlight: Philosophy

This category is for students of Philosophy and Theology, including Ethics, Metaphysics, etc. Students of Religious Studies may also submit to Social Sciences: Anthropology & Cultural Studies, depending on the focus of their work.

Entrants must submit an abstract of between 100-300 words long. The word count is 2,500-5,000 words and the assignment must have received at least a 2.1/A- grade.

In 2015, the category was won by Weng Kin San from Australian National University. His paper, titled "Public Reason, Coercion, and Harm" , highly impressed the Judging Panel, who commented:

"The use of concrete examples of apparently non-coercive actions which nevertheless inflict harm is all to the good.One critical comment advanced by the judges is that the complexity of the ongoing discussion seems to be due to the fact that fundamental values are involved. The matter is not just a matter of rationality. The author will no doubt enlarge the discussion into questions of value in further papers. The author has an obvious talent for balanced discussion, which will give good results within a philosophical career."

In 2017, Tadgh Healy from Trinity College, University of Dublin won this category with his paper, titled "A Place For Forgiveness In Reconciliation". The paper offers an insight around the idea of forgiveness, and is an extremely thoughtful and insightful work.


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