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Is Your Work Eligible for The Undergraduate Awards 2018?

We here at The Undergraduate Awards(UA) recognise that there are distinct lack of awards programmes for undergraduate students. We know how much blood, sweat and tears go into your assignments and we're here so that you can have the opportunity to earn global recognition for outstanding coursework that would have fallen by the wayside as you progress into postgraduate studies and your respective careers. 

If you are in the undergraduate class of 2017, 2018 or 2019 you are off to a good start! We accept work from recent graduates, penultimate and final year students across no less than 25 categories so you are bound to find one that best suits your coursework!

Are you now thinking ‘well I’ve submitted to The Undergraduate Awards before’? Not a problem! As long as you continue to be eligible, you can submit across multiple years. We strongly encourage 2017 graduates to submit again this year, it’s your last opportunity and the process couldn't be easier. If you’ve entered the competition before, you’ll know that all we ask for is coursework you’ve already completed as part of your degree. You can submit up to three papers or projects into one, two or three of our 25 categories. The only criteria are the word count which can be found for each category here and that the paper received a II.1/A-Grade or higher.

Finally, you need to take several small steps to ensure your work makes it through our screening process so it can be seen by our panel of judges.

  • Write an abstract: Abstracts should be between 100-300 words long and give a brief overview of your work. Check our our UA Library to see examples from past winners.
  • Anonymise your work: Redact all information that reveals your identity (Your Name/Student Number, Your Institution’s Name, Your Lecturer’s Name, Your Module or Course Name, Your Course/Module Code etc).
  • Ensure your work meets the word count requirements: Minimum word count for all categories except Visual Arts and Architecture & Design is 2,500. Maximum word count differs by category with a 10% leeway on the upper limit.

Now all you have to do is submit before our deadline on June 12!


What are the perks?

As a winner, you are recognised as one of the most impressive students in your field; you become part of our alumni network; your winning paper is published in our academic journal; and you receive a ticket to the Global Undergraduate Summit 2018 in Dublin. Shortlisted students who are in the top 10% are also recognised for their excellence. They will receive a certificate for their research and are eligible to purchase a ticket for the summit, along with becoming members of the UA Alumni network.