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Judging Chair Spotlight: Andrea Nanetti (History category)

The Undergraduate Awards are delighted to have Dr. Andrea Nanetti back as the Judging Chair of the History Category this year.

Dr. Nanetti received his education in Historical Sciences in Italy (Bologna), France (Paris-Sorbonne), Germany (Köln), Greece (National Hellenic Research Foundation), and USA (Brown University), focusing on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, within a wide interdisciplinary approach that combined humanities (history, palaeography, philology, archival and library studies) with physics and computational data science.

Since 1996, he has published 20 multilingual books (13 single authored, present in distinguished libraries around the world), 2 edited journals, and over 70 essays in scientific journals and books in English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish and Modern Greek on intercontinental trade-conflict-diplomacy relationships (Afro-Eurasia ca. 1100-1500), national art-heritage-politics relationships (Italy, Greece, and China 19th-20th centuries), territorial man-heritage-landscape systems (Imola 403-1789, and Venetian Messenia 1209-1500 & 1684-1718), and, more recently, cultural and biological heritage systems in human interpretation of the external world (seen as artificial intelligence amplification ante litteram). Dr. Nanetti is currently playing multiple editorial roles including the ‘Committee for the Publication of the Sources for the History of Venice’ since 2000. He was the Founding Co-Chair of the Singapore Heritage Science Conference series (2014-) and a member of numerous Conference Committees including the ‘International Conference on Culture and Computing’, VSMM, SOTICS, and CCS.

Since 2013, he serves Nanyang Technological University Singapore as Associate Professor and Associate Chair (Research) at the School of Art, Design and Media with a courtesy appointment in the School of Humanities (History Programme), Senior Research Team Member of the Complexity Institute, and Faculty Member of the University Scholarly Program. He also serves as Vice-Director of the International Research Centre for Architectural Heritage Conservation at Shanghai JiaoTong University, member of the College of Professors of the graduate School of Architecture at the University of Florence, and in the Board of Directors of the Maniatakeion Foundation.

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