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Judging Chair Spotlight: Robert M. Mauro, PhD (Politics and International Relations category)

The Undergraduate Awards are pleased to welcome back Robert M.Mauro, PhD. as Judging Chair of Politics and International Relations 2018.

Robert M. Mauro, PhD., is Executive Director of the Irish Institute and founding Director of the Global Leadership Institute at Boston College.

Before coming to Boston College he undertook a post-doctoral research fellowship in the Institute for British-Irish Studies (IBIS) at University College Dublin (UCD). While there he worked on a project, titled Breaking the Patterns of Conflict: The Irish State, the British Dimension, and the Northern Ireland Conflict, a comprehensive oral history of policy makers involved with Northern Ireland peace process from the Sunningdale Agreement to the St. Andrews Agreement.

He completed his PhD (The Practice of Ideology, 2009) in Political Science at the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy at the State University of New York. He is an expert in business and political practices, including leadership and strategy, global engagement and business development, conflict resolution, and Irish and American politics.

Mauro was the Judging Process Chair for the Politics and International Relations category in 2017 and he found the process very enjoyable. In 2017, Tushar Bhargava from Brown Univeristy was the overall winner in this category with his paper titled, "Partners in Crime: Telecommunication Companies and Intelligence Agencies" and commented on the winning assignment". Tushar's paper highly impressed Mauro, who stated:

"This is a skillfully written essay about the formation of relationships between intelligence agencies in the United States and telecommunication corporations. The author displayed both rigor in their historical research and the reconstruction of the founding relationships between telecommunications companies and intelligence agencies. This allowed the author to generate findings that were more than historical in nature, and, instead, point forward to possible future developments and policy actions. Ultimately, this is the point of good political science writing and is something for which the author thoroughly deserves recognition with this award."

Mauro is past-President of Irish Network Boston, a Director of the Wild Geese Network of Irish Scientists, a board advisor to both The Frederick Douglass- Daniel O’Connell Project the Gaelic Players Association New England. Dr. Mauro received a “Top 40 Under 40” in Irish-America award in 2013.