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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Intan Wardhani

Intan Wardhani: A University of Queensland Australia graduate who was a 2015 Highly Commended Entrant in the Psychology Category for her paper titled “Find me in the crowd: The effects of inversion and emotion on the search efficiency of happy and angry expressions”

Intan Wardhani was completing her dual degree in psychology at the University of Queensland, Australia, and the University of Indonesia, Indonesia, when she submitted the paper to the Undergraduate Awards. During that time, she also had an opportunity to go on an exchange at the University of Manchester, UK, for one semester. Despite staying for a brief period, she found the experience enriching for both her professional and personal developments. Before commencing her master’s degree, she worked in laboratories; learning new research and analysis techniques, and building up her writing skills. Albeit it took longer time, to her those were very invaluable lessons in preparing herself for the higher degree. This year, Intan is finalising her master’s degree at the University of Oslo, Norway. Her thesis project investigates the effects of nicotine on human’s visual attention. In this project, she analyses her participants’ eye movements and pupil size.

In the meantime, she is also interning at the Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences laboratory at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Here she has learnt a great deal of novel things that augment her knowledge and refine her understanding of the cognitive neuroscience research. Intan’s favourite part of this internship is programming, building new experiments, and handling some new tools.

“Before my internship, I also had a wonderful opportunity to become one of the judges at the UA 2017 for psychology panel! It was a memorable experience that I would like doing again. I got to know dedicated and brilliant people from different universities around the world. The judging process was also fun and challenging. I was impressed by a lot of papers and I almost could not believe that they were written by undergraduate students.”

As for the future, Intan wants to continue to PhD level to work even more intensively in the field of cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and genetics. She has always enjoyed working in academia and research because she finds the environment intellectually stimulating and the people ambitious while keeping things realistic and achievable. Moreover, she thinks that working in scientific research is a form of contribution to improving humanity.

“My life is not all about work and research, though. To keep my body fit, I play squash and since I moved to Norway, I have fallen in love with hiking and, obviously, skiing. I also like singing and playing guitar, writing short stories, and reading in my spare time. Now I am even learning how to play a violin. There is always something to explore!”

Have a look at Intan Wardhani Highly Commended paper on The Undergraduate Awards Library.