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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Maansi Jain

Maansi Jain from New York University was Highly Commended in 2013 in the Visual Arts category for her work entitled “Cut Photo Series”.

Since then, she has been keeping busy with several projects and publications.

Maansi Jain. Photographer: Nick Strutsi

Maansi currently works as an artist in Berlin, focusing mostly on photography. Over the past year, Maansi has published several works on Broadly and i-D Magazine, including a story motherhood in New York, The Unseen Daily Struggles of Being a Mom in the City; a piece on the experience of women who travel alone through India; the protest against Trump in Berlin; and the recent Woman’s March in Berlin. Recently, her photography series ‘Nani’s Gold’ was featured on Visceral8, an online and print publication that represents a diverse group of visual artists.

Alongside that, Maansi continued to work on her sartorial project, Quaagmire, which is described to “capturing the style of the times”, with each photo involves strangers, friends, and family wearing their own wares. You can check out the project here. She also created several personal projects and collaborations which explore diverse ends: “the painterly qualities of photography, participation in modern politics, lighting techniques, and other themes.”

You can view all her latest works on her website, Maansi, and if you would like your style to be featured in Quaagmire (and you can get yourself to Berlin) get in touch at!

The Unseen Daily Struggles of Being a Mom in the City