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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Natalia Beghin

Natalia Beghin from Australian National University was highly commended for two papers in the 2015 programme. Her papers entitled “Just a little bit of healthy competition” in the Economics category and “This is how we drink up the sea” in the Philosophy & Theology category.
Also in 2016 Natalia was the Global Winner in the Politics & International Relations for her paper "Perverting the Panopticon: Feminism, Peace, and the prospect of a ‘new Totalitarianism".

Natalia has completed her Masters in International Affairs and Development from the Australian National University in July, and have since started work as an advisor within the Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government (AKA the Australian Nudge Unit!). There she works on  policy and projects, with a focus on the aid and security space.

She is passionate about aid and development, and has a particular interest in access-to-medicines issues. In 2013 she started the first Asian chapter of the advocacy group ‘Universities Allied for Essential Medicines’. The group petitions universities across Australia to allow their medical breakthroughs to be distributed in generic form, so that people all over the world will have affordable access to the medicines they need to survive and prosper.

“Even though I’m not at university anymore I’m still passionate about scholarship, and I’m still working on a couple of papers and at the moment. In November, for instance I was invited to present at the Conference of the International Society for Military Ethics about Thomas Aquinas’s ‘Doctrine of Double Effect’, why I think it might be wrong, and what this could mean for the future of war.”


Read Natalia’s Highly Commended Economics and Philosophy & Theology papers on The Undergraduate Awards Library. Also take a look at her 2016 Global Winner paper in the Politics & International Relations category.