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Judging Chair Spotlight: Prof. Owen P. Priest

Owen Priest is presently a Professor of Instruction in the Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, USA.  His career in teaching began thirty years ago when he taught high school chemistry and physics, first in Vermont and then in Massachusetts.  After four years of teaching at the high school level, his love of teaching and chemistry led him to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota, where he studied under Professor Thomas R. Hoye.

The Global Undergraduate Summit 2018

We at The Undergraduate Awards are pleased to announce that The Global Undergraduate Summit will be taking place from the 12th - 14th of November 2018 in Croke Park Stadium, Dublin.

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Ali Greenholt

Ali Greenholt was a 2016 highly commended entrant in the Social Science: Anthropology & Cultural Studies category for her paper titled, “A Masculinity Problem in the ‘Gender Equal’ Nation of Sweden,” in which she argued that Sweden’s political parties employ problematic masculinities under the guise of gender equal policy-making and that the country’s masculine social construct is tied to a sometimes discriminatory and violent nationalist identity.

The UA Judging Process 2018

A massive thanks to all students who have submitted their coursework to The Undergraduate Awards (UA) 2018! Our Team have been sincerely enjoying screening your innovative and exciting work ahead of the beginning of the UA Judging Process.

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Annelies Van de Ven

In 2013, Annelies Van de Ven from the University of St. Andrews was Highly Commended for her paper entitled "Pompeii Uncovered: A History of Repression".

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Brittany Comunale

Brittany Comunale from Brown University was Highly Commended in the 2016 Psychology category for her paper “The Effect of Exit Familiarity and Social Influence on Evacuation Behavior.”

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Anna Varadi

In 2015, University of Exeter student Anna Varadi's essay, "“The acquirement of knowledge”: Prometheus as a Catalyst for Identity Formation in German "Sturm und Drang" and English Romantic Literature" was Highly Commended in the Literature category.

Submission Criteria: Word Count Limits

For written work  for most categories, the word count must be between 2,500 - 5,000 words, with the exception of the following categories:

Where Are The Now Wednesday: Joshua Wong

 In 2016, University College London student Joshua Wong was Highly Commended for his submission, "Development Of Ultrasound Phantoms With Controlled Acoustic Properties For Percutaneous Procedures" in the Mathematics & Physics category

Category Spotlight: Life Sciences

This category is for students of the Biological Sciences, including Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Virology, etc.