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KAU Students Win International Prizes for Scientific Breakthrough

Students from King Abdulaziz University who made an international scientific breakthrough and won several prizes and medals at the Geneva International Creation Exhibition 2016 visited the Emir of Makkah Region last week. The successful students were accompanied by KAU President, Prof. Abdulrahman Al Youbi. They visited HRH Prince Khalid Al Faysal, the Advisory to the Custodian of two mosques, who gave out certificates to the winning students of the awards.

UA for Penultimate & Final Year Students and 2015 Graduates

Most of you are likely aware by now that The Undergraduate Awards initiative is open to penultimate and final year students. We recognise that while there are many awards competitions for students who are further along in their academic careers, very few consider the achievements that are taking place in undergraduate degree programme across the world.

DIT & Purdue sign new Memorandum of Understanding

Dublin Institute of Technology’s President, Professor Brian Norton, visited Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana along with a DIT delegation and signed an agreement with Purdue President Mitch Daniels. This agreement will expand on collaborative efforts between Purdue and DIT for more than ten years.

Deadline Extended to June 14th!

We know it's a busy time of year for many of you. With exams and assignments all due at once, it might be hard to consider doing anything else right now. That's why we're announcing that the Deadline for The Undergraduate Awards 2016 programme has been extended to Tuesday 14th of June 2016. You have four weeks remaining to submit your best coursework to the UA programme. Submit work you have already done and make your coursework go further.

Ghostly molecules lead to scientific advancements at UC Berkeley

Chemists at University of California, Berkeley have been surprised recently as their new technique for taking snapshots of molecules with atomic precision showed up chemicals that shouldn’t be visible. Due to reactions taking place often within a trillionth of a second, the steps in these reactions are expected to happen much too quickly for scientists to observe.

Alumni Questionnaire: Organising Your Study Space

Happy Friday, everyone! It's the end of another week and that means more results from our alumni questionnaire. Since a lot of students are in the middle of exams right now, this week's topic is organising your study space. The alumni came back to us with many different options for the perfect study session along with some reliable favourites.

Tips for 2016 UA Submissions

We’ve already given you the tips from our alumni about how to finalise your UA submissions. Now we’re going to give you a few pointers from the UA team!

Alumni Questionnaire: Beating Procrastination

It’s week two of our alumni questionnaire results and this week we’re tackling procrastination. At this time of year, procrastination is the last thing students need and the alumni came back to us with their tips for getting through it to finish those assignments.

Alumni Questionnaire: Finalising UA Submissions

The questionnaire results are in! We surveyed our alumni and we’re going to bring you some of the interesting information we found out over the next few weeks. This week it’s all about our favourite tips from our alums on how to finalise your submissions for the Undergraduate Awards.

Submissions and Anonymity

Let’s talk about anonymity. Many undergrads are entering work that they’re proud of to UA as we approach the June 14th deadline and we’re excited to have those submissions coming in. It’s always such a shame when we see great quality work that can’t advance to our judges because of a lack of anonymity. So we’re going to give you some brief guidelines to make sure your work is anonymous.