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Winning UA Campus Ambassador 2015!

Carly Mallise is the winning Campus Ambassador of The Undergraduate Awards 2015 programme. We are really looking forward to meeting Carly in person and welcoming her to Dublin (for her first time!). Carly has made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of UA on her campus at the University of Newcastle, Australia. She has been awarded a free ticket to the UA Global Summit in Dublin, taking place in November 10th -13th - a four day event packed with brainstorms, inspiring speakers, collaborations and presentations!

Nobel Prize for Irish Zoologist

The Undergraduate Awards would like to extend our most heartfelt congratulations to Professor William Campbell, Irish zoologist and Trinity College Dublin graduate, who has been jointly awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

The Undergraduate Awards at EAIE Glasgow 2015

This past week Mr. Owen Murphy and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the European Association of International Educators (EAIE) annual conference, which was hosted in Glasgow this year. EAIE hosts Europe’s largest international education conference. Over 5000 participants from more than 90 countries arrived in Glasgow eager to meet their colleagues, all enthusiastically embedded in the realm of higher-level education. People from the academic world attend this conference annually in order to discuss the internationalisation of education, student mobility and collaborative efforts between universities. With over 5000 people in one spot, Owen started the week as my work colleague, and ended it as my chaperone.

Winners of The Undergraduate Awards 2015

Assessed by panels of international academics, two Winners were selected per academic category – the Overall Winner who will be published in The Undergraduate Awards Academic Journal and a Programme Winner, chosen from the international programme and from the island of Ireland programme.

UA Signs Three-Year Partnership Agreement With Uversity

UA is delighted to welcome Uversity to its group of University Partners, having signed an agreement providing for a three-year global partnership.


The Undergraduate Awards 2015 Medal

To create, one must first question everything - Eileen Gray

This year The Undergraduate Awards medal will feature Irish designer, artist and architect Eileen Gray. Every year Overall Winners of The Undergraduate Awards receive a medal to recognise their academic excellence. Previous medals have featured leading Irish 'minds'; George Berkeley, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde and William Hamilton.  All Winners are brought to the UA Global Summit 2015, a 4-day networking event to meet each other, listen to inspiring Speakers and present their work to each other.

Eileen Gray was chosen to feature on the medal this year as 2015 marks the year of Irish design, where Ireland celebrates Irish and International designers.

Design shapes our daily lives, influencing how we interact with each other and with our environment. At its best, design is a powerful catalyst for change.

Irish Design 2015, under the patronage of President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins, is about harnessing this power and working to support societyeducators and studentsdesigners; the public sector; and businesses. As well as this, Eileen Gray will be the first woman to feature on The Undergraduate Awards medal.

Born in Ireland in 1878, Gray's work was neglected for the most of her career but is now regarded as one of the most important of the early 20th century. Gray was among the first women to be admitted to the Slade school in London, where she took up painting in 1898 before undergoing an apprenticeship in a London lacquer workshop. She continued to improve her craft at the École Colarossi and the Académie Julian when she established herself as one of the leading designers of the lacquered screens and decorative panels, so popular at the time of the Art Deco era.

In her lacquer work and carpets, she merged traditional crafts with the principles of Fauvism, Cubism and De Stijl. She was the first designer to work in chrome, preceding such acclaimed designers as Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Mies Van der Rohe, and Marcel Breuer; and was original in her use of aluminium, celluloid, tubular steel, bakelite and cork in her designs.

E-1027 Table


Her collection can be viewed in the National Museum of Ireland at Collins Barracks in Dublin or her pieces can be viewed online here.

Her house, E-1027 is considered Gray's first considerable architectural design and is located on the Cotê d'Azure. Instead of a sentimental seaside name, Gray chose a streamlined numerological symbol for her relationship with Badovici, her lover: 'E' was for 'Eileen', the '10' and '2' represented Badovici's initials—according to their place in the alphabet—and the '7' was for 'G', so that Gray was, in a sense, embracing him: E-1027.


A documentary of Eileen Gray produced by Irish broadcaster TG4 can be found here (subtitles included): Part 1 (12 mins) focuses on her background and early life and Part 2 (13 mins) introduces us to her life in Paris and E -1027, the Machine for Living and Le Corbusier. Or take a tour of the house with this video by Patrick Moya and Florence Canarelli.

The shortlist for The Undergraduate Awards will be announced in early September and the list will be published on our website. We look forward to welcoming Winners and Highly Commended Students to the Global Summit, which takes place from November 10th - 13th 2015.  More information on the prize can be found at The Prize.

Previous medals of The Undergraduate Awards include:

2009 - William Rowan Hamilton, Irish Physicist, Astronomer, and Mathematician.
2010 -  William Butler Yeats, Irish Poet.
2011 -   Oscar Wilde, Author, Poet & Playwright.
2012 -  Ernest Walton, Physicist and Noble laureate.
2013 -  Bram Stoker, Irish author of Dracula (2013 celebrated the year of Bram Stoker).
2014 -  George Berkeley, Mathematician & Physicist.

Ten Facts about the Irish Education System in 2015

Here are ten facts about the higher education system into which the Class of 2015 are entering:

Categories 2015/16

We are delighted to announce the 25 Categories for the 2015/2016 programme.

2015 Programme Overview

The Undergraduate Awards (UA) 2015 programme has officially received 5117 submissions.  Submissions have come from students of all disciplines and from all over the world, making UA the largest academic awards programme in the world.

ALIGNED Art Exhibition 2015 Overview

The Undergraduate Awards' first international Art Exhibition is now closed. ALIGNED took place across 6 institutions in 4 countries for over 8 weeks. The Exhibition hosted 13 top undergraduate artists in their home institution and were all hosted centrally on All students were Highly Commended and Winners in The Undergraduate Awards 2015 programme.