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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Hannah McCartney

Hannah McCartney was Highly Commended in the Economics category of the Undergraduate Awards in 2015 for her paper on the case for abolishing Intellectual Property Rights entitled.

“Since the development of intellectual property rights in 17th century England, economists have argued whether patents encourage the pursuit of entrepreneurship or hinder creativity and development."

Hannah is currently living in London after graduating from the University of East Anglia with a first in Economics and recently completed the graduate scheme at L'Oreal UK & Ireland, working in different teams across the business. She now has a permanent role in the Business Development Team there, specialising in skincare.

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Kelsey Perreault

Kelsey Perreault a 2015 Highly Commended Entrant for her paper “Hidden Histories and Collections: Discovering the Underbelly Project” in the category of Music, Film, Theatre & Art History.

Kelsey recently completed her Masters in Art History at Western University in London, Canada and just moved to Ottawa where she is in her first year of her PhD in Cultural Mediations at Carleton University.

Chris Lubbe – The UA Global Summit 2017 Keynote Speaker

Chris Lubbe grew up in a rural part of Port St. John, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. From a young age, he had an interest in public speaking and politics. This was the beginning of his path that would lead him into becoming an activist and go up against the apartheid regime in South Africa. His determination and devotion in his vision for South Africa always motivated him to continue his work in the face of an ever-present threat of violence.

The Winning UA Campus Ambassador 2017: Hajera Thakur

Hajera Thakur From Qatar University who was the UA Campus Ambassador 2017! Sharing her experience on being a UA Campus Ambassador.

Few weeks prior to my finals of the Fall 2016 semester, I received an email from my university’s Center of Volunteering & Community Service inviting students to volunteer for the Undergraduate Awards. Doing some research about it, I ended up on the UA’s webpage for the Campus Ambassadors. The words “Ambassador” and “based in Ireland” had me hooked right away. Come next semester of Spring 2017, I was encouraged to register by two of my friends, both of whom had been part of the UA experience in the past years. Soon enough, “welcome to the UA team” email had popped in my inbox and I was all-set to begin.

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Kamarul Bin Mohamed Sapiee

Kamarul Bin Mohamed Sapiee from Nanyang Technological University who was a Highly Commended Entrant in the Visual Arts and Design Category in 2016 for his Paper titled “Hardhat”

Right after the UA Global Summit in November 2016 he had a video work commissioned by Google, the work was on display on a digital wall in their Asia-Pacific HQ office in Singapore. The work was titled “From 1 Billion To 1”.

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Rewina Sahle Bedemariam

Rewina Sahle Bedemariam from Addis Ababa University was a Regional Winner for Africa and the Middle East in the Psychology category in 2016 for her paper “Sexual Identity Development and Faith Maturity of Ethiopian Homosexuals: Implications on Psychological Wellbeing.” She is currently working as a consumer psychologist and researcher at Cactus Communications. 

After winning in the Psychology category of The Undergraduate Awards in 2016 as the Regional Winner for Africa and the Middle East, Rewina has been a part-time lecturer of social psychology and health psychology at Addis Ababa University. In her spare time, she writes poetry and articles for "What's Out" magazine. Rewina also had the opportunity to deliver a TEDx talk on issues of personality, self-labelling and the many dimensions of the self. Rewina writes,

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Ilpo Hirvonen

Ilpo Hirvonen from the University of Helsinki was a Global Winner in 2016 in the Philosophy category for his paper "On the Interrelation between Phenomenology and Externalism." He is currently studying for his master's degree, also at the University of Helsinki. 

After winning in the Philosophy category of The Undergraduate Awards in 2016 with an essay based on his undergraduate thesis, Ilpo's award was featured extensively in the Finnish press. These articles also gave him an opportunity to further discuss his dedication to the study of philosophy. Speaking to Helsingin Sanomat about how a better understanding of philosophy might improve public discourse, Ilpo, citing the recent US presidential election as an example, said:

Hello From UA: Announcing the 2017 Global Winners, 2018 Programme dates, and more!

As the Judging Process enters its final stage, our 2017 Global Winners will be announced next Tuesday, 19th September on our website and social media, so remember to watch this space!

We would also like to take this opportunity and congratulate all of the brilliant 2017 Highly Commended Entrants once again. As a Highly Commended Entrant of The Undergraduate Awards, your work has now been identified as among the best undergraduate coursework globally, and we hope that this achievement will give you the confidence to realise your abilities and pursue your goals.

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Samantha Gordine

Samantha Grodine from the University of St Andrews was a 2013 Highly Commended Entrant in the Life Sciences category with her paper 'Extracting drift rates from compressed dive profiles by using a step-wise filtering method'.

Since attending the 2013 UA Global Summit (which she described as "one of the best experiences in my life"), Samantha has been keeping busy. A revised version of her Highly Commended paper was published in the Journal of the Experimental Biology in 2015. The paper also formed the basis of Samantha's first PhD research chapter. Earlier this year, she defended her thesis, and after some very hard work in the past three and half year, Samantha can now proudly call her self a Doctor!

Hello From UA Partner Institutions: Considering your options for further study

As the Summer draws to a close, many of you may be considering your options for further study. Find out more about some of our Partner Institutions below!

King Abdulaziz University