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Where Are The Now Wednesday: Elena Butti

Elena Butti from Utrecht University was the Global Winner of the Law category in 2014 for her paper Children’s Rites: Examining the Role of Local Justice in the Ugandan Transitional Justice Process through a Child Rights Approach.

She's been involved in some inspiring work since then!

Elena Butti receives her medal at the UA Global Summit 2014.

Elena is currently undertaking a PhD at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies of the University of Oxford. Her research, supported by the Economic and Social Research Council, investigates the experiences of conflict-affected children and adolescents in the transitional justice and peacebuilding process in Colombia.

Her multidisciplinary research combines legal analysis with ethnographic methods, including participatory techniques for research with children. A product of her long-term fieldwork in conflict-affected settings in urban and rural Colombia is the participatory documentary ‘Somos’ where a group of youths share their life stories and views about peace. You can find the trailer below.

In Colombia, Elena has also collaborated with the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), with a view to making her research directly relevant to policy in the crucial transitional moment the country is undergoing. She has also occasionally acted as a visiting lecturer on transitional justice at the Law Faculties of the National University and the Rosario University in Bogotá.

At Oxford, Elena is co-founder of the Oxford Children’s Rights Network, member of the Oxford Transitional Justice Research group and of the Oxford Network of Peace Studies, and editor for the Journal of the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies.

Prior to coming to Oxford, Elena graduated as Class Valedictorian from University College Utrecht (the Netherlands), where she completed summa cum laude a combined Hons BA in Law and Anthropology, with a minor in Research Methods and Statistics. She was also a visiting student at SciencesPo Paris (France), specialising in international law and conflict studies.

During her undergraduate studies, Elena also worked as a research intern at the Utrecht University School of Human Rights Research and at the Barcelona University Peace Studies Centre. She has also volunteered in several countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe in the areas of sustainable development, peacebuilding and child education.



The Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences Category

This category was established in 2014 to celebrate the excellent undergraduate research being carried out in these fields.

In the three since then years more than 350 research papers and peer reviews have been submitted to this category.

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Sam Ross

Sam Ross from the University of Leeds was Highly Commended in 2015 in the Life Sciences for his paper: Shifting Paradigms in Ecological Network Theory: Understanding Network Stability and Complexity

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Donna-Marie Mc Namara

Donna-Marie McNamara from DCU was Highly Commended in 2013 in the Law category for her paper ‘The Buck Stops Here’ – The Call for Legislation Concerning Assisted Human Reproduction in 21st Century Ireland”  She's been extremely busy since then!

"Hi everyone,

DCU Hosts New Event to Celebrate Undergraduate Research

On the 2nd of February 2017, students and recent graduates from all over the Island of Ireland gathered in The Helix in DCU for the inaugural UPresent: Island of Ireland.

At this event, all Highly Commended Entrants and Winners in the 2016 Programme from the Island of Ireland, were invited to present their papers and to officially receive their certificates.
Susanne Wawra presents her project "Memento" - A Series of Mixed Media Paintings

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Utkarsh Jain

Utkarsh Jain from The University of Manchester was Highly Commended in the Mathematics & Physics category of The Undergraduate Awards 2016. Here's his update!

"I finished my MPhys from Uni of Manchester in June and since then, have moved to the University of Twente in the Netherlands to do a PhD in physics of fluids. In fact, it was on my very first day in the Netherlands that I found out about the result of my submission to the UA...nice way start to a new project!

UPresent: Island of Ireland - Sneak Peek


UA Announces Prof. Ellen Hazelkorn as key note speaker for UPresent: Island of Ireland

The Undergraduate Awards is excited to announce Prof. Ellen Hazelkorn as the key-note speaker for UPresent: Island of Ireland, which is taking place on the 2nd of February in The Helix in DCU.

Ellen speech is entitled ‘Higher Education: Internationalisation and Civic Engagement’ and we are fascinated to hear what she has to say, considering her expertise on this topic.

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Daniel Ukasoanya

Daniel Ukasoanya from Covenant University, Nigeria was Highly Commended in the 2014 Engineering & Mechanical Sciences category. Here's what he's been up to since:

"In September 2014, three months after graduation, I got an email from the Undergraduate Awards, that my project, Synthesis, Application and Characterization of Nanofluids for Vapour Compression Refrigerators, had qualified me as a Highly Commended Entrant and since then my career has been on an accelerated path! At the time I was working on eco-friendly refrigerators which used nanorefrigerants to reduce energy consumption and yielded faster cooling times for traders of perishable goods in parts of sub-saharan Africa with unstable power supply.

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Ivan Márquez

Ivan Márquez from Trinity College Dublin was Highly Commended in the 2014 Social Sciences category for his paper:
Analysis of Jimmy Nelson’s Before They Pass Away: The Never-ending myth of the savage