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Category Spotlight: Art History & Theory

In 2017, it was decided that Art History & Theory should constitute a category in its own right, because of the number and quality of papers submitted on the subject. Previously, students of Art History could submit their work to the Art History, Music, Film & Theatre category. From medieval manuscripts to modern sculptures, this category covers all academic writing on the subject of Art.

Category Spotlight: Music, Film and Theatre

Previously, students of Music, Drama, and Film Studies could submit their works to the Media & The Arts category, which later became the Art History, Music, Film & Theatre category. In 2017, it was decided that  Music, Film & Theatre should constitute a category in its own right given its performance-base nature along with the quality and quantity of papers submitted.

We're Hiring!

The Undergraduate Awards (UA) is seeking an individual to fill the role of Awards Standards Manager. This person will oversee all awarding standards and criteria which relate to identifying winners and highly commended undergraduate students for UA. The role will be concerned with maintaining and improving the submission standards, the quality and international diversity of judges as well as the relevance and value of material and content at the annual UA Global Summit.

Hello From UA: Announcing the 2017 Global Winners, 2018 Programme dates, and more!

As the Judging Process enters its final stage, our 2017 Global Winners will be announced next Tuesday, 19th September on our website and social media, so remember to watch this space!

We would also like to take this opportunity and congratulate all of the brilliant 2017 Highly Commended Entrants once again. As a Highly Commended Entrant of The Undergraduate Awards, your work has now been identified as among the best undergraduate coursework globally, and we hope that this achievement will give you the confidence to realise your abilities and pursue your goals.

Hello From UA: The 2018 Programme is now open, and more dates for your diary!

As the Judging Process for the 2017 Programme is drawing to a close, we are excited to announce the launch of The Undergraduate Awards 2018 Programme!

The 2018 Programme is open to submissions from the class of 2017, 2018 and 2019. If you registered last year and did not submit, or already submitted last year but is still eligible, here is your chance to submit again! Each student can submit a maximum of three papers, and with 25 categories to choose from, you are spoiled for choices.

"A memorable and rewarding experience": Professor Owen Priest Reflects on the UA Global Summit 2016

Professor Owen Priest writes about his experience at the UA Global Summit 2016.

Professor Owen Priest is a Professor of Instruction in the chemistry department's Organic Chemistry Division at Northwestern University. He has been a judge with The Undergraduate Awards since 2014, and this is the second year he has served as the Chair of the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences category. Below, Professor Priest gives his account of attending the UA Global Summit in Dublin last November.

Hello From UA: Dates for your calendar!

We have been relatively quiet on the social media front, but things are rarely quiet behind-the-scene.

As we approach mid-July, papers have now moved on to stage 2 of 4 of the 2017 Judging Process with our Judging Panels hard at work assessing this year's top undergraduate projects and papers.

The Engineering category

Engineering has been a category at The Undergraduate Awards since its inaugural year.

The category is open to all students of Engineering, including those of Computer and Systems Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Construction, Built Environment and more.

The Economics category

Economics has been judged as a category in The Undergraduate Awards since its inaugural year.

Students of all Economics disciplines, including Econometrics, Urban Economics, Labour Economics and more are eligible to submit to the category. Entries for this category must be within the 5,000-word limit and have received a 2.1/A grade.

The Earth & Environmental Sciences category

Earth & Environmental Sciences have been judged together as a single category at The Undergraduate Awards since 2014.

The category is open to students of the natural environment and ecosystems disciplines, including students of Earth Science, Agriculture, Geography, Geology and more. Entries for this category must be within the 12,000-word limit and have received a 2.1/A grade.