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St Andrews rises to third in the UK in independent guide

We are delighted to hear that our Partner Institution, University of St Andrews, has become Scotland's top university according to a new league table published recently.

Reflections on Architecture & Design - Barry Sheehan, DIT

We are delighted to introduce Architecture & Design as a brand new category to The Undergraduate Awards 2017!
To provide some context for this discipline, Barry Sheehan from DIT gives us an insight into the history of the subject in Ireland and the work of architects today.

Architecture is by nature cyclical. Thankfully in Ireland at present we are in an upcycle with increasing levels of activity in the construction industry. It is very disheartening to educate students who graduate with no possibility of employment in the country in which they studied. This is not the case now and architects are beginning to return to opportunities in Ireland.

King Abdulaziz University honour the Lord Mayor of Dublin

King Abdulaziz University became a Partner Institution of The Undergraduate Awards in 2015 and since then they have had an active and enthusiastic involvement with the Programme.

DCU Hosts New Event to Celebrate Undergraduate Research

On the 2nd of February 2017, students and recent graduates from all over the Island of Ireland gathered in The Helix in DCU for the inaugural UPresent: Island of Ireland.

At this event, all Highly Commended Entrants and Winners in the 2016 Programme from the Island of Ireland, were invited to present their papers and to officially receive their certificates.
Susanne Wawra presents her project "Memento" - A Series of Mixed Media Paintings

Listen to UA Global Winner Mary Wang on CBC Radio

Mary Wang, a student at Western University and the UA Global Winner 2016 in the Languages and Linguistics category, was a recent guest on the 'Ontario Morning' radio programme broadcast on CBC Radio.

UC Berkeley News: Older Adults Use More of Brain For Short-Term Recall

A new UC Berkeley study suggests that older people’s brains which continue to perform well as they age do this by using more of the brain to complete mental tasks. The researchers observed age specific changes in network organisation when carrying out short term memory tasks which may help to compensate for overall brain aging.

Western Researchers Discover Humans Are Seen As 'Super Predators'

A new study by Western researchers has shown that smaller carnivores perceive humans to be far more frightening than larger animals like bears and wolves. Liana Zanette and Michael Clinchy from Western’s Faculty of Science worked in collaboration with British biologist David Macdonald from University of Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit and others. In the course of their research, they confirmed that smaller carnivores have learned to fear humans as a ‘super predator’ far more than their traditional enemies.

Ghostly molecules lead to scientific advancements at UC Berkeley

Chemists at University of California, Berkeley have been surprised recently as their new technique for taking snapshots of molecules with atomic precision showed up chemicals that shouldn’t be visible. Due to reactions taking place often within a trillionth of a second, the steps in these reactions are expected to happen much too quickly for scientists to observe.

Trinity College Dublin team creates new cell language

Very exciting work happening over in Trinity College Dublin this week! Scientists working in Trinity’s School of Biochemistry and Immunology have made groundbreaking moves in a study which combines several different disciplines, including “linguistics, enzymology and mathematical modeling”.

UA Highly Commended Entrant Awarded Uversity Scholarship

UA is delighted to announce that our 2015 Highly Commended Entrant, Laura Cummins, has been awarded a scholarship at Uversity. Laura has been award the Creative Impact Scholarship to enrol at Uversity's 2016/17 Master of Arts in Creative Process.