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UA Submission Criteria: Anonymity

For your work to qualify for The Undergraduate Awards, it needs to be completely anonymous in order to limit bias from the UA judging process.

It is very important that your submission does not include any personal details or details of your Institution. Failure to remove these personal details from your submission will result in disqualification.
Before you submit, please make sure to remove the following details from your submission:

  • Your name
  • Your photograph
  • Your supervisor' s name - including where it is mentioned in citations.
  • Your university’s name, nickname, initial, photo and logo
  • Your student number
  • Your module or course name and code

You should either delete this information or replace it with an X or a short note such as "this citation has been redacted for anonymity."

It is recommended that you do not drag black boxes over the details, as sometimes the black boxes
disappear if you highlight them, revealing the information.

Please take particular care with the following:

  • When referencing online articles via your institution library or website, please redact the name or initial of your institution i.e.
  • Acknowledgements - Exclude entirely or redact names, running headers or footers, ethic statements & declarations
  • Remove Institution Name
  • File name- when attaching your paper to the submission form, please use a generic file title. Do not include your own name or module code/name as the title of the .pdf or .doc
  • Interviews- When citing interviews you carried out ensure you write conducted by the author or similar. If referencing your supervisor, remember to redact the Institutionand your supervisor’s name

We understand that these redactions may make your work seem improperly cited, however our judges will understand that this has been done for the purposes of anonymity and will not penalise you.

We do not require entrants to redact: names of cities, countries, areas, geographical features, hospitals, schools etc.

Once your assignments are fully anonymous, and fulfill all the requirements, you can submit them by clicking the link here!