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Where Are The Now Wednesday: Joshua Wong

 In 2016, University College London student Joshua Wong was Highly Commended for his submission, "Development Of Ultrasound Phantoms With Controlled Acoustic Properties For Percutaneous Procedures" in the Mathematics & Physics category

Although born and raised in Singapore, Joshua is currently a first year graduate MB BS candidate at University College London Medical School (UCLMS) in the UK. Prior to this, he graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MPhil in Genomic Medicine as an IARU-GSP Scholar. He also holds a BSc in Physics with medical physics (1st Class Honours).

Joshua believes that research is an important aspect in medicine as it is one of the ways forward, to continually optimise medical treatments for the betterment of healthcare. As such, he is actively involved with clinical research and is currently working on a project on top of his medical studies. The recognition given by UA for his first research work on ultrasound phantoms was actually part of his motivation to continue conducting research – research can be dry and difficult at times but appreciation from other academics can be a good motivator!

Academics aside, Joshua enjoys playing tennis and represents UCLMS in the Men’s second team. Given his strong ties to his roots, he is delighted to have been appointed as the President of the Singapore Medical Society of the UK (SMSUK). SMSUK is a non-profit organisation with over a 1000 lifetime members to represent the interests of Singaporeans receiving their medical or dental education in the UK. During his term, Joshua plans to implement new ideas and bring the society to the next level.

"Truth be told, I have come a long way to get to where I am today. Without any formal biology or chemistry education or qualifications at ‘A’ levels, I struggled with medical school entrance exams or to even be eligible to apply. Unsuprisingly, my application to study medicine was rejected more than 10 times by various medical schools around the world. Although dejected, I was not going to give up on my dream that easily. While everyone else was having fun during university summer vacations, I would be studying at home. I worked really hard to get to where I am today and although I sacrificed a lot of things, it has been all worth it. I truly enjoy what I am studying now and have no regrets. The main takeaway from my story is to never limit yourself – if you dare to dream it, you can achieve it!"

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