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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Dawid Sawicki

Dawid Sawicki studied Economics at the University of St Andrews. He was a Highly Commended Entrant in 2016 for his paper "European Integration And Income Inequality: A Panel Data Study"

Dawid currently lives in London, United Kingdom. He is an Executive at an international advisory and accounting firm, Moore Stephens LLP. He works with a portfolio of real estate and construction clients, providing assurance services on their business practices.

“One of the key aspects of the job that I really enjoy is that I get to see the new snazzy-looking buildings before the people who will actually use it - my recent visit to Google’s new offices was particularly exciting!”

Dawid has also worked with large international donors, including the funding agencies of the United Nations and the World Bank. In 2017, he worked with ten NGOs in Central Asia, helping them strengthen their core management functions. Notably, in September 2017, he worked with a small NGO in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, whose objective was to help girls aged 6-14 complete primary school education. The work required analyzing all of the organization’s processes, including programme implementation, hiring of new staff, financing, accounting and procurement, as well as providing recommendations regarding improvements to these.

“It is so important to every once in a while do something without looking at the bottom line. My work in Dushanbe was one of the best experiences I’ve had thus far - not only did I manage to visit a fantastic country, but also put my accounting and finance skills into practice to (hopefully) make somebody’s life better.”

His work involves a lot of traveling both locally in the UK and overseas. Apart from Tajikistan, he led projects in Ireland, Greece, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

After The Undergraduate Awards, he has not given up writing on issues that interest him. He published his paper on income inequality in an American journal Issues in Political Economy. In 2018, he also published a business piece on revenue recognition practices in a leading accountancy journal, Accounting Today.

Dawid is also currently studying towards an ACA qualification. He has currently completed twelve out of fifteen exams and is due to fully qualify in September 2018.

If you are interested in submitting your work to The Undergraduate Awards as Dawid did, please follow the link here.