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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Jasmine Lee

Jasmine Lee from Nanyang University, was a Highly Commended entrant in 2015 in the Gender Studies & Anthropology category, with her paper " In today's post-Mao era, are females in China Jasmine Lee Highly Commended 2015 UAstill limited by their gender in achieving the aims of education?' 

The topical paper argues succinctly that although access to education has been recognised as a pivotal component behind the economic and societal transformations China has attained, the pathway to success is not so evenly mapped when it comes to gender. The paper examines the education and employment opportunities available to women in today's post-Mao era and concludes that being female in modern day China limits one's access to opportunities during and after education as she seeks to be employed, yet "girls in the rural regions face a more severe situation aggravated by income inequality and entrenched traditional beliefs".

After graduating from Singapore's Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Jasmine embarked on a career with Citi Singapore as a part of it's Management Associate program. In this program, she was given the opportunity to rotate to various functions across the bank, ranging from the Institutional Clients Group to Consumer Banking, Support Functions and Operations & Technology. To date, Jasmine has completed rotations with the Corporate Bank, Retail Bank and she is now with the Private Bank arm of Operations & Technology, managing projects related to robotics processes.

During her free time, she enjoys singing as it helps her to unwind and relax! She started performing during her university days and continues to do so even though she has transitioned into the working world. Jasmine is now a part of the Citiband, a band formed by employees of Citi, which performs at internal and external events! Last October she travelled to Hong Kong for five weeks to attend a training related to the Institutional Clients business. Analysts from similar programs across APAC will travel to Hong Kong for this training and it was an amazing opportunity for Jasmine to meet her peers  from other Citi offices all around the globe! While working is undeniably different from studying at university, Jasmine sees everyday as a learning opportunity to better herself.


Speaking about her experience at the Undergraduate Awards Summit 2015, Jasmine says;

having the opportunity to meet, interact and learn from the brightest minds across the globe was extremely valuable. I also had the chance to visit the Google head office, find out more about graduate programs, present my research paper at The Helix and attend presentations of other winners. This certainly broadened my horizons and is certainly a fond memory worth reminiscing!

Read Jasmine's highly Commended paper in the UA Library

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