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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Kyra Reynolds

Kyra Reynolds was the Global Winner of the Agriculture and Environmental Sciences category of  The Undergraduate Awards(UA) 2013 with her paper on the history of ice sheets in Scotland thousands of years ago, "Fact or Fiction?- Debating Ice Sheet Existence in Scotland during the Windermere (Lateglacial) Interstadial". This paper highlights the potential lessons to be learned in relation to the impacts of climate change now and in the future, through analysing the past.

When Kyra submitted to UA in 2013, she had just completed a BSc. degree in Geography at the School of Geography and Environmental Sciences, based in Ulster University. Given the topic of her winning paper, it might be somewhat surprising to learn that Kyra’s area of specialism is actually in the arena of Human Geography. Since winning her award at UA, Kyra has undertaken a PhD study exploring the conflict in Israel-Palestine, which involved conducting fieldwork in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. She successfully graduated from her PhD in December 2017, having gained valuable insights, experiences and international publications. 

Kyra completed her PhD in the same school and university department at Ulster University where she studied for her undergraduate degree, having fallen in love with the subject and the working environment. She has recently taken up a job in local government, working as part of the three-person management team for implementing the EU funded PEACE IV Project in the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council in Northern Ireland. The borough-wide programme, which involves funding of approximately £3.5 million, aims to further improve relations between conflicting groups, thus locally progressing the peace process that began in Northern Ireland in 1998. Kyra explains her commitment to occupations with a global responsibility to us;

"I'm interested in all things humanitarian and sociological and am always keen to emphasise the importance of doing work that has a real and meaningful positive impact upon people’s lives rather than simply doing things for economic and personal gain."

Kyra hopes to continue to be able to do a diverse array of things in the coming years to make a contribution to our currently troubled world.

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